From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary: Success Begins Within

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Did you know the following:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the nation’s most powerful speakers once earned a “C” in public speaking.

The founder of Kinko’s, now called FedEx Kinko’s, failed second grade because of dyslexia and was placed in a class for retarded students.

The first day sales for McDonald’s were $366.12.

Dr. Robert Jarvik was rejected by 15 American medical schools.  Later in his career,  Dr. Jarvik invented the artificial heart.

Sidney Poitier, Academy Award winning actor, was told after his first audition to stick to washing dishes.

These and many more inspiring stories such as those mentioned are included in this new book, From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary: Success Begins Within. This book provides inspiration but it also gives you thoughts and success strategies from some of the world’s top achievers and peak performers combined with self-help exercises.
Mike has provided a treasury of quotes, as well as tried and tested success strategies that will create a positive shift in your thinking and the direction of your life.
                                                                - Les Brown, Internationally Known Speaker and Author